Breezant Marine

Breezant Marine

   undertakes first class proven management solutions to run tonnage in full compliance with International and National legislation as well as recognized industry standards and guidelines engaging cost effective concepts 

Our mission is to commit service on highest quality and ultimate safety with energy efficient and environmentally friendly tools within a budget.

Full or Part Technical Management

*  ISM / ISPS certification and maintenance 
*  Vessel performance analysis 
*  Budgeting

*  Technical support 24/7
*  Fuel & lubs operation
*  Spare parts network Read

*  Vessel inspection
*  Drydocking / repair planning & manning Read
*  Shipyard negotiation & supervision

*  Sale & Purchase
*  Vessel inspection and survey
*  Registration, flagging, class approval

*  H&M / P&I insurance and claim management
*  Risk assessment & management
*  Accounting
*  HRM

*  Newbuilding supervision
*  Ship design Read

Chartered Fleet Operation

*  Vessel inspection and survey
*  Energy efficiency analysis
*  Fuel & lubs management
*  Bunker claim management